Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Farewell to the Seven

Pop. 73, Spring of 327 (Year 76)

Commander Olivine passed away peacefully, the last of the Original Seven, who were all named after their favorite mineral. Seven decades ago, they laid a firm foundation for the little outpost that later tamed dragons and became the Mountainhome.

Sphalerite: axedwarf, 1st commander, #1 in total kills
Olivine: hammerdwarf, 2nd commander
Phyllite: miner, duke
Cinnabar: miner, duchess consort
Dolomite: chief medic
Selenite: armorsmith, weaponsmith
Gypsum: woodcutter, carpenter

Dishmab Shootwondered-Vesselbrain, the legendary macedwarf and heiress apparent of Relicshield was named as Commander Olivine's successor.

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