Saturday, February 1, 2014

The New Captain

Pop. 139, Mid-Spring of 355 (Year 104)

Catten Workmyth, Urdim's deputy for many decades, was the first choice for taking the reins of the Fortress Guard. However, at 163 years of age, Catten politely declined. Zan II Socketinked was on the short list of other potentials. Her calm, professional demeanor during the four-way courtship of Edem IV Claspletter didn't win any hearts, but it did impress those looking for an impartial, unemotional upholder of the law. She accepted the nomination and was bequeathed Urdim Channeltree's treasured artifacts, Stretchedwarnings, a tower-cap crossbow, and Bitetrotted the Dimpled Mine, a suit of alpaca leather armor.

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