Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pass in Peace

Pop. 188, Early Spring of 358 (Year 107)

Better records are now being kept for when citizens pass away. The news of death is now flagged for immediate perusal, whereas before, it was usually buried under a heap of non-essential correspondence ([CITIZEN_DEATH:A_D:D_D:UCR_A] was changed to [CITIZEN_DEATH:A_D:D_D:UCR_A:BOX:P:R] in announcement.txt so that citizen deaths cause the game to pause).

Catten Workmyth and Unib Flagblaze passed away just a few yards from each other. Both were well-known in the fortress. Catten worked for decades in law enforcement alongside the late Captain of the Guard, Urdim Channeltree, while Unib Flagblaze, who officially started the Centennial Games, was the fortress's best miner. Both died peacefully of old age, with Unib falling in the middle of brewing booze, a truly fitting way for a dwarf to pass on to the afterlife.

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