Saturday, February 1, 2014

Captain of the Guard

Pop. 139, Late Winter of 354 (Year 103)

The citizens of Relicshield were shocked and struck with grief when Captain Urdim Channeltree fell in battle while defending the western trade tunnel.

Urdim Channeltree migrated to the fortress in 253, 2 years after it was founded. He was appointed to the position of Sheriff in 255 when he was only 26 years old. He was then promoted to Captain of the Guard in 269 at the age of 40. With 99 years of service in law enforcement, Urdim was well-respected by all.

Upholding the law was only one of Urdim's passions. He also had a legendary flair for cooking. When he wasn't busy bringing criminals to justice, he could be found in the kitchens, busily churning out masterful meals with blazing speed. Urdim, late patriarch of the Channeltrees, will be sorely missed.

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