Sunday, February 2, 2014

Return of the Monarchy

Pop. 168, Late Summer of 357 (Year 106)

Commander Dishmab's brother, Prince Urist II Shootwondered arrived with the most recent wave of migrants. After a three-decade interregnum due to the Riots of 323, the monarchy was restored. Mosus II Lanterngaze-Anguishedpages was more than happy to step down as acting regent, though the new king begged that she stay on as mayor to help run the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Lolor III and Edem IV welcomed their second child to the world, Edem V Claspletter!


  1. Hope all is well with you. Im happy with the fort im running at the minute and have received the king for the first time.

    I was under the impression that the king on your map will be succeeded by his eldest child if that child is an adult and also present on site. Someones told me tho that succession is broken and my king will not be succeeded. Im wondering if your king Urist II was indeed the son of the king that arrived at your fort and if that happened without any intervention on your part (the succession).

  2. Yup, things are good, though I've taken a break from DF for a bit due to ESO. The last beta test session I was in really ramped up my interest in the game.

    Regarding succession, when Urist Shootwondered died, Commander Dishmab, his eldest child on site at the time, didn't become queen. I checked around the forums and I was told that once a monarch dies, that's it. Perhaps if it's a natural death, things are different?

    Urist II is indeed the son of the late Urist Shootwondered, as shown in the second screenshot. However, he arrived without any title. I had to use DFHack to get him crowned. With so many recent royal migrants, I felt the time was ripe for a new monarch.