Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Marksdwarves in Mourning

Pop. 187, Early Spring of 359 (Year 108)

The marksdwarves of the fortress lost the greatest among their ranks, Litast Twinkledurns. One of the first steel-clad marksdwarves of Relicshield, he fought right alongside the elite melee soldiers of the Mountainhome, rather than behind the safety of fortifications. Aside from the occasional headshot, most marksdwarves have been known more for their suppressive ability,with ranged kill counts generally between 10 and 30. Litast slew 74 enemies of Relicshield before passing away peacefully in his sleep. Early in his career, he wielded the artifact chestnut bow Fameclefts, but took down most of his foes with the artifact chestnut crossbow, Mountaindeclined.


  1. Where those 2 crossbows proper artifacts or did he name his gear he grew attached to ?

  2. Both were proper, mood-created artifacts :).