Sunday, February 8, 2015

Unreasonable Demand

Pop. 181, Late Autumn of 365 (Year 114)

Mosus II Lanterngaze-Anguishedpages, once universally popular, has fallen out of favor due to her recent greed. When her demands for a GOLD BED were ignored, she had Datan Goodhatchet-Dippedtowers and Asmel Channeltree beaten by the Hammerer, Stakud II Roughwhips-Lanterngaze. Datan and Asmel both perished as a result of their sentence. With the deaths of a highly regarded military captain and a member of the prominent Channeltree family, King Urist II stepped in. While Mosus II was allowed to keep her position due to her otherwise stellar record, the position of Hammerer was removed.

Leadership of Datan's squad, the Trade Watch, passed to the hammerwidow's young lieutenant, the macedwarf Besmar Graniteright.

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