Sunday, February 1, 2015

Caravan Pair

Pop. 187, Late Autumn of 362 (Year 111)

Tekkud Swifttongs, a dwarven merchant, was attacked by a goblin master thief while visiting the capital.

Luckily, Deler Anguishpages, Captain of the South Watch, took care of the thief and saved Tekkud's life.

With health care only provided for fortress citizens, an emergency migration waiver was signed, granting immediate citizenship to Tekkud. Unlike the last time, the new citizen survived her injuries.

While Tekkud rested, one of the caravan guards, Zulban Bookpacked, refused to leave her side.

Mayor Mosus II Graniteright petitioned King Urist II Shootwondered and was able to grant citizenship to Zulban, as well.

(Be careful with tweak makeowned! While Tekkud's change in status was fine, Zulban caused Dwarf Therapist to crash. Confirmed with a copied saved game where I removed him from the fortress. The current version of DT doesn't work, but luckily an older one does.)

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