Friday, August 30, 2013

New Arrivals

Pop. 103, Spring of 331 (Fort Year 80)

Thanks to the work of Kurik Amudnil, immigration to the Mountainhome has commenced once more. Relicshield welcomed 24 new inhabitants with open arms, eager to boost the population after the devastating Riots of 323. The dragon breeding program has been put on temporary hold. With 4 adults and 13 hatchlings, there are now enough for additional dragon-guarded cavern entrances.


  1. Hmm. checking the post youve linked its not obvious to me but....
    did migration stop after you used makeown on that caravan guard ? I thjink im having the same problem right now in my very latest fort.

    I stole 3 guards from a caravan using "makeown" to make matching marital pairs and I havent seen a dwarven caravan since. Also I get "the fortress attracted no migrants this season" repeatedly despite me having made a metric tonne of masterwork steel armour.

    Do you think I might have the same problem ?

  2. Nope, I had the bloated unit list problem. With all tabs added, what's your total?

  3. Sorry if this is a dumb question but total what ?

    Population on this new fort is 22, cap of 50

    created wealth is 18289254

    Stole 3 guards in first year (6) and have run it until year 9 and a dwarven caravan has failed to show up year 7 8 and 9. and occasionally it says "the fortress has attracted no migrants this season".

    Ive made no crafts at all, I presumed the armour and weapons would count.

    I was using fastdwarf to acheive those numbers, I keep wanting to accelerate a fort to the point at which I had my largest recent fort and hitting snags.

  4. From the wiki:

    "One factor which is known to affect migrant wave size is the total size of your fortress's units list (all 4 categories), which consists of dwarves, invaders, merchants, and animals which either died or currently live at your fortress. As this number increases, the maximum size of migrant waves will be reduced: starting at a local population of 1000, migrant wave sizes are limited to 10, and at subsequent levels of 1300, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2600, 2800, and 2900, the limit is decreased by 1, and once you reach a local population of 3000 you will cease to get migrants at all."

    Kurik Amudnil's script takes care of that. The most recent version even keeps a copy of all the units removed, so you can restore the full list later if you want :).

  5. thanks for clearing that up. I wonder what else I screwed up then ? Ive wondered before if melting a lot of armour and weapons screws created wealth up. I cant think of any other reason why this is happening to me. I checked my civ in legends and it doesnt say very much at all so I dont think they are gone. I did pick a civ far away from my site tho (as it was a 2 site civ vs a 1 site), i didnt think it would do this.

    Ill try another little fort, probably wont have the same problems.

    Relicshield is very impressive given everything youve acheived and overcome. That tantrum spiral.... I dont know if id have given up after that. Its been a long time since I had anything like that in a fort, but then save scumming will do that for you I guess!

  6. Thanks! Prior to Relicshield, most of my forts only lasted 3-5 years, with one lasting around the 10-year mark. I didn't savescum, but I "abandon-scummed." I would just quit and restart completely whenever something didn't quite work out. I think what changed things around for Relicshield was naming firstborn dwarves after their parents. It gave me new incentive to actually see the kids grow up.